The importance of empathy in legal tech

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The importance of empathy in legal tech

Empathy. It’s not a word commonly associated with legal tech, especially with the rapid rate at which technology is evolving and advancing in the legal and legislative space. With the ascent of AI and other automated tools and processes, there is a perception that people and their more personable skills are being replaced by technology. But, the legal profession – and indeed law itself – was built on people, and empathy is a vital component for the trust that is needed between legal professionals and the people they serve.

Empathy and collaboration are essential components to Propylon creating successful legal tech solutions.


To have confidence in anything, we have to trust. Lawyers have to trust their clients and citizens have to trust that the law is rooted in fairness and truth. Empathy is the foundation on which anything can be built – including legal tech solutions. For legal tech to be truly successful, it needs to relate to the needs of its users and provide solutions to their problems. Empathy should therefore be an essential factor in the development of legal technology tools and the delivery of services.

Incorporating empathy means gaining a deep understanding of the user’s needs and building technology that meets these needs. The result is legal tech that is meaningful, addresses market requirements, and enables legal professionals to perform their work with ease.


At Propylon, our approach is to listen to the needs of our clients first and then create innovative, custom-built solutions for their specific challenges and goals. We are flexible in our approach because we know that is how we can add real lasting value. We believe that technology should work for and with the user – this means they get all the benefits of enhanced functionality, increased efficiency and reduced workloads but the tools they use are also user-friendly and designed specifically for them.


Our user-centric approach extends beyond tools; it includes close collaboration with our users at every step of the process – in the design, build and implementation of our legal tech solutions.


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