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Propylon’s TimeArc® Content Manager provides regulated industries with a suite of tools that streamline the ongoing process of keeping policies, procedures, manuals and guidance up-to-date with regulatory changes.

Track Regulatory Change

With TimeArc Content Manager you can track the regulations that matter to your industry and jurisdiction. Be automatically alerted to changes as they happen.  Be able to see exactly what has changed and when it changed.

Understand the Impact

Identify the text in your own materials easily: policies, procedures, manuals, checklists that need to be updated to react to regulatory change. Maintain a complete history of how your material has changed.

Collaborate on your Changes

Support global teams collaborate on updating policies, procedures, manuals, checklists that support local interpretations of global policy, multiple versions being edited at one time and complex review cycles.

Manage Versioned Publishing

Manage the publication of multiple versions of your policies, procedures, manuals, checklists with varying effective dates, and local jurisdictional customizations to all your downstream systems from one place.


Laws and regulations change quickly and there is no room for error or delay in tracking the impact of the changes on your business.

TimeArc Content Manager provides a proven component content management platform allowing regulated industries to quickly and easily stay on top of regulatory change, understand its impact, and operationalize updates all from one central system.


TimeArc Content Manager provides teams in different parts of your organization with the tools to collaborate on updating guidance at a global level while adding local interpretations. TimeArc Content Manager supports multiple versions of your manuals and policies being changed at the one time while always being sure what the published material is.


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  • Stay on top of changes to regulations and laws in a platform that allows you to easily see and understand how regulations/ laws have changed over time

  • Identify the text in your own materials easily: policies, procedures, manuals, checklists that need to be updated to react to regulatory change

  • Allow your editors to view the impacts of changes in compliance material and make updates, all without leaving MS Word

  • Manage your regulatory content in one place and publish to all downstream systems from a single source of truth

  • Support the complex relationships between content such as global guidance/policies that have local interpretations, complex variant release cycles, and varying effective dates

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Quickly understand and react to regulatory change impact on your policies, manuals, guidance.

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