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The Propylon® Story Through Key Points In Time

Propylon® was founded by Paul McKeon, Declan Hogan, and Sean McGrath in 1999. But how did the company come to be, and how have we evolved over the last two decades? Here, we take a look back at defining moments of our growth, innovation, and success, and we look ahead at what’s coming next.


Back in the late 1980s, Paul McKeon and Declan Hogan were working together as accountants in Dublin and began forming the idea of how technology fitted into the future of accounting and regulations. At the time, searching for the latest accounting standards and the most up-to-date company regulations was an arduous task, made even more laborious by the fact that everything was paper-based. Declan and Paul could see how making these updates searchable and accessible to all accountants would be game-changing in regulatory and legislative spheres. They were savvy to the positive impact technology could have on improving process efficiencies and reducing workloads.


With entrepreneurial ingenuity, they identified a huge gap in the market and began to focus their efforts on ways they could embrace technology to transform the day-to-day work of an accountant by creating a system that would enable accountants to search for the latest technical updates to regulations and company legislation. Fast-forward a few years and their ideas had become reality. They collaborated with Sean McGrath, an internationally renowned XML specialist and thought leader in the technology industry, and together they founded Propylon® in 1999. They became pioneers in the world of electronic publishing for auditing and accounting professionals and launched the Accounting Standards and Company Law.


From there, Propylon expanded in the electronic publishing space, most notably in developing a modern drafting system for the Irish Parliament, the Oireachtas, where we built what was then the largest repository of XML/HTML in the world. This in turn led to us creating a law-making system called the Parliamentary Workbench, closely followed by the creation of the Legislative Workbench (LWB), which catered more specifically to the needs of our growing number of clients in the US legislative domain. We successfully launched LWB as the platform for managing the legislative process in Pennsylvania in 2005. At the same time, John Harrington came on board and was instrumental in expanding the footprint of our clients and team in both the legislative and regulatory space. In 2012, John became the CEO.


We have since successfully deployed bespoke legislative management solutions in Kansas, North Dakota, Indiana, Montana, Michigan, and Ohio. In 2012, LWB gained significant recognition when both our Kansas and North Dakota projects were shortlisted at the National Association of State Chief Information Officers awards. The Kansas project won the award in the Open Government category. In 2014, our legislative tablet-based voting product, Smart Vote, went live in the House of Representatives and the Senate in the State of Indiana.


We are currently developing our next generation of LWB solutions, which focus on streamlining functionality and usability to create solutions that continue to meet our clients’ needs. Providing cloud-based options enables increased scalability, reduced capital expenditure, and improved accessibility. We have successfully deployed our regulatory research TimeArc® platform for legal publishers. Focusing on enabling more effective outcomes, our solutions help clients overcome challenges, reduce risk, enhance performance, and save money.


We have partnered with some of the world’s biggest legal publishers, joining their content with our software to provide a new and innovative way for clients to carry out their research.

We remain committed to simplifying processes to enable better management of the complex world of changing legislation and regulations. This is a key factor in what is driving our next generation of legislative and regulatory solutions. We stay innovative in the market by listening to our customers and using our vast expertise to offer cutting-edge, tailor-made solutions that work for them and their specific needs.


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