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Propylon and PrimeGov Talk Investment, Partnership, and Future


Propylon’s Bernie Murphy interviewed Propylon CEO John Harrington and PrimeGov Founder Rich Drew to gain a better insight into their recently announced partnership and find out exactly what this means for the companies, clients, and the legislative landscape at large.

BM: Propylon recently announced its strategic investment in PrimeGov. How did this partnership come to be?

JH: At Propylon, we have been working with state legislatures and parliaments for nearly 20 years helping them manage the end-to-end legislative process. Over the last couple of years, we have been getting more inward-bound queries from local government organizations, particularly large cities, looking at what we can offer them from our legislative management software. When we looked at the space, we saw that there is a gap in the offerings out there. We examined how we could best support the marketplace and during this research we met with Rich and his team and found there was a big opportunity to work together to build a great offering for the market that fills that gap. From there, the decision to make the investment was quite easy. Rich and his team at PrimeGov really understand the local government space. PrimeGov is focused on offering the best customer-focused solution in the market and really delighting local government clients, which aligns closely with our vision too.

RD: We share a vision for the government space that is about more than software. John and the team at Propylon understand the industry and its quirks. We share the same vision and values and drive for customer success, which goes a long way in business, especially in the government space. We were  under-resourced and needed a partner that could bring capital as well as expertise, but this partnership goes beyond the check book. PrimeGov now has the ability to grow with much more freedom in partnership with Propylon, utilizing a great pool of expertise and mentors. We couldn’t ask for a better partner.

BM: How will the partnership change things? What impact will it have?

RD: This investment allows PrimeGov to build an infrastructure to deliver software and customer service at a much deeper level, which will benefit our customers greatly. This partnership ensures that we will continue to provide the highest quality of service and products, but it enables us to do so at a much greater capacity. This partnership essentially puts us in a position whereby we can expand and grow and ultimately deliver more effectively on our vision by supporting many more clients and providing our services and products to many more municipalities. Both companies can expect to increase their product offering and the value they provide to customers and shareholders. Propylon specifically can leverage a team with extensive experience in the municipal government space and grow their offering. PrimeGov will continue to innovate and add value to that offering. Together we can tackle challenges that cross state, county, and city lines.

JH: The immediate impact is an investment in support structures to make PrimeGov available to more clients. It will allow the team to focus on excellent customer service and give local governments the opportunity to work with a company that is focused on their goals. Rich has a plan for how the product can grow so that PrimeGov solutions meet the needs of all stakeholders of local government now and into the future. We’ll be working on this product vision together, leveraging technology and expertise to bring the best products to the market. Legislative management software is in our DNA and we see huge opportunities to work together on this future roadmap.

BM: What are the implications for business?

RD: Propylon has a long history of delivering quality services and software at the state level. This investment and partnership gives both companies the ability to leverage industry knowledge and expertise that, in the end, is all about delivery. We have built best-of-breed software solutions the industry has needed for years. We now have the resources to deliver those products to a much larger audience by working collaboratively and combining our expertise with Propylon. It’s a no-brainer. The implications for business can only be positive ones.

JH: When we started discussing the opportunities for delivering in the market, it became immediately obvious that we shared a lot of the same ideas. We both work to meet the needs of clerks, IT staff, administrators, council members and, most importantly, citizens. Making work processes more efficient and easier for them is ultimately what’s important to us.

BM: How do you expect this partnership to impact clients?

RD: Ask any of our existing clients and they will tell you that our software is great and our team is the best in the industry. With Propylon’s support and by leveraging their expertise, we are now in a much stronger position to develop and grow so that we can innovate, expand, and deliver even more. In the few short weeks since we joined forces with Propylon, we have already solidified a product roadmap for the next year and beyond.

JH: A collaborative approach allows us to reach new heights and we’re excited about where this will lead. I can see how the technology that Rich and his team have built can also support the legislative process at the state and national level. As an example, the video streaming solutions that the team has built have applicability at the state level also. This will allow Propylon clients to take advantage of these offerings. This is just the tip of the iceberg. I believe that there are many opportunities to support government employees to strengthen their institutions through the use of technology and I firmly believe that is a job worth doing.

BM: What is the long-term plan?

JH: We believe that greater transparency of the legislative process is key to citizen engagement and strong citizen engagement is fundamental to a properly functioning democracy.  We need better access to public records and greater transparency into how decisions are made to ensure strong institutions that will support us and our children in the future. This is crucial now more than ever. And this is at the heart of what we do and where we want to position ourselves and the products we provide now and into the future. We’re committed to providing technology solutions that create positive change in the legislative process and we see big opportunities to advance this vision in partnership with PrimeGov.

RD: Both Propylon and PrimeGov are committed to innovating while improving transparency in the legislative space.  The industry is begging for innovation but is dominated by the status quo. This investment allows us to shake things up and shift the status quo in a very positive way. Working collaboratively with Propylon, we envisage creating future products that push information to staff and constituents in the most efficient and transparent ways possible. No longer will information need to be discovered, but will be delivered to your devices based on interests and concerns. Council members and commissioners will be able to highlight their successes and engage with constituents on a more personal level.


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