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Propylon is the market leader in delivering innovative and effective legislative solutions specifically designed for the complexities and intricacies of the legislative process across all roles in the legislature. We established the first end-to-end legislative solution with the creation of our Legislative Workbench (LWB), which has since been succeeded by the remodeled LWB 360, offering enhanced features while continuing to be the only solution of its kind on the market today.




Watch our LWB 360 Drafting product demo


  • Get instant access to information, document change history, and automatic marked-up changes

  • Generate in-context amendment instructions

  • Engross amendments at the click of a button

  • Quickly locate statute conflicts in other documents

  • Get hyperlinked statutory references

  • Enable integrated search with your drafting

  • Ensure all steps in a process are followed with optimum workflow management

  • Support efficient drafting with template and style management

  • Allow attorneys to focus on the law – not the technology


  • Automatically capture chamber events and produce all documents of record

  • Eliminate the need to re-enter information multiple times

  • Produce real-time bill status for members, staff, and public

  • Automate the transition of data through legislative workflow and journal production

  • Enhance workflow in the creation of the calendar

  • Reduce time for the production of calendars and journals

  • Publish calendars and journals in multiple formats

  • Publish from one source to your website, to the public, and to member apps


  • Easily track, manage, and publish your agenda items

  • Quickly create new committees and manage membership

  • Schedule bills to be heard by the committee

  • Manage the committee meeting calendar

  • Electronically store exhibits for each agenda topic

  • Produce the committee notice for members

  • Generate minutes and agendas

  • Automate committee reports

  • Manage testimony by dynamically adding witness information

Web enterprise

  • Publish legislative information in an easy-to-use, easy-to-find fashion

  • Increase online engagement from staff, members, and the public

  • Receive event notifications and status updates

  • Stay updated of committee information, chamber calendars, agendas, and schedules while on the go

  • Get updates and alerts straight to your phone, website, and API when a bill status changes

  • Enjoy the benefits of member-only and staff-only portals for important information and updates

  • Access powerful search and retrieval, RSS feeds, and open data

  • Publish from one source to different formats

  • Allow the public to easily access the website

  • Publish bill, amendment, and resolution versions that are easy to interact with

  • Publish roll-call data

What makes a good legislative website?

Annotations and codification

  • Improve responsiveness with continuous codification, supporting the drafting process

  • Publish annotations as they are drafted

  • Codify a single bill or an entire legislative session

  • Simplify the drafting, editing, proofing, and publishing cycle with electronic workflows

  • Identify potential conflicts earlier in the process



  • Increases efficiency

  • Reduces workloads

  • Simplifies processes

  • Provides tools that are easy-to-use and intuitively designed

  • Ensures accuracy

  • Eliminates paper workflows

  • Makes it easier to quickly produce and publish the information you need

  • Meets the growing demands of legislators and the public for access to information

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