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Our legal research solutions enable you to efficiently track and advise clients of constantly changing regulations. We partner with leading content publishers to ensure that you have the latest content and practical guidance from experts on complex legal and regulatory changes. With Propylon’s TimeArcⓇ platform, you can provide leading advice to clients to help ensure they never miss an update again.

Solutions for Regulated Industries
Solutions for Legal Publishers



Launched in partnership with Wolters Kluwer, our tax products allow you to efficiently monitor the latest developments in U.S. federal and state tax regulatory changes. You can research more quickly and better advise clients thanks to point-in-time analysis.

Change timelines and data visualizations support professionals in researching the development of tax changes dating back to 1954.


Healthcare regulatory requirements and codes are complex and constantly changing. 

Our solution enables you to stay on top of changes as and when they occur by efficiently monitoring changes to the Code of Federal Regulations, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Manuals. It accelerates healthcare reimbursement by tracking real-time changes to local and national determinations.


Our regulatory change monitoring solution allows professionals to check and comply with the latest laws and regulations from around the globe. Our solutions transform the regulatory change process, making compliance more efficient.

Customized change dashboards notify you of relevant changes while reducing information overload and the risk of missing any changes.


RegReview, launched in partnership with Wolters Kluwer, allows lawyers to check and comply with the latest securities laws and regulations at the click of a button.

It is the only market solution that allows users to identify changes in the law and navigate all relevant laws governing a particular SEC filing. It has transformed the SEC filing process, making research both more accurate and efficient.


TimeArc Screen
  • Reduce time on legal research and spend more time planning legal strategy

  • Eliminate the risk of missing important regulatory updates

  • Minimize costs and increase profitability

  • Enhance research accuracy with exact versions of laws and regulations

  • Improve client services with alerts to items of interest to your clients

  • Assess the impact of regulatory changes on your business activities in an instant

  • Create filters to automatically track changes that apply to your role and industry

  • Get notifications of any regulatory changes and updates as and when they occur


Our TimeArc platform incorporates Natural Language Processing tools and machine learning technology to significantly reduce research time, providing navigation to the most important and relevant information for your role and business needs.


We partner with established legal content publishers, financial experts, and legal professionals to deliver value to our clients by navigating regulatory change effectively. By white labelling our solutions, you can create new products that address regulatory challenges, generate growth, and improve customer retention.

We are proud to be delivering value for lawyers through our partnership with Wolters Kluwer.

Transforming how you research, analyze, and navigate changes in the law

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