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Increase Revenue by Leveraging Propylon Technology


There has arguably never been a more pressing need for legal and regulatory intelligence solutions in content publishing than now. The volume of content and rate of change of laws and regulations is growing dramatically. This is making it ever more difficult for professionals to understand what their industry needs to comply with.

Legal publishers operate in a competitive, constantly changing environment where technology is supplying the unique proposition to many content products. In the past, the indexing of legal and regulatory content sets provided an added value that subscribers were willing to pay for. “Free” services like Google search have been cannibalizing that market through their personalized search experience. This is putting current and future revenue streams at risk.


Legal Publishers have developed finely curated content sets that have real value for users and is far superior to any of these “free” services. To make the sales proposition compelling for subscribers, the content needs to be delivered through technology platforms that can fully showcase the depth, breadth, and accuracy of this content. These platforms need to make it easy for professionals to see how the law and regulations are changing and what the impacts of these changes are.


Our TimeArc legal and regulatory intelligence platform allows legal publishers to create new products to make it easy for your subscribers to understand changes to their legal and regulatory framework. It puts the users’ needs first by providing easy-to-understand content update cycles and full records of how legal and regulatory material has changed over time. All of the information is available in an easy-to-use, efficient, browser-based tool that will give you new and enhanced insights. Our point-in-time functionality enables you to see the most up-to-date information available as well as a historical view, with access to a full revision history of every change ever made to any given document. This allows you to do much more with the information than the “free” services allow such as find and compare historical changes, discover intent, and filter by commentary, context, and editorial overview.



  • Generate new products to increase market share and reduce customer churn

  • Embed content solutions into internal workflows of clients

  • Gain a competitive edge through our unique proprietary technology

  • Seamlessly manage content so that existing publishing cycles are not disrupted


Our agility, trusted reputation, and years of providing expert solutions to help our clients manage legal and regulatory change has made us the go-to choice for publishers in the legal and regulatory space.

In our work with legislatures and parliaments building solutions to manage the process of drafting, amending, and publishing legislation we have created a unique content platform to handle the change cycle for the law.


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