Reinventing the model for better user experience and improved transparency

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Reinventing the model for better user experience and improved transparency


When it comes to state and local governments, transparency is a hot topic. People are more passionate and steadfast than ever before in partaking in local decision-making processes, and staying informed about important issues. This focus on transparency and accountability isn’t going to change any time soon and council management systems need to reflect this by being more flexible and user-focused in their design by facilitating easy access to official records and other important information in real-time.

However, traditional management systems have been limited in their benefits, often hindering the user. Too often these offerings are rigid in their approach, offering minimum functionality and tools that do not prioritize users’ needs. This model isn’t an effective solution. Creating and managing committees should be a straightforward process, but the current model does it a huge disservice and drastically needs to change.


Now, more than ever, states and local governments want a more integrated experience through better tools and a move towards online accessibility. Users want to be able to access services outside normal business hours easily and seamlessly so they can resolve issues faster, re-schedule meetings, and keep track of updates and changes as and when they occur.


Our approach allows greater consolidation, control, and shared services. The Propylon LWB 360 Council application enables you to have more control over the number of items you can configure, providing you with the tools you need to run meetings and manage legislation quickly, efficiently, and accurately. The application is built on flexible software that allows you to manage your meetings from any location and on any device as well as record events in real time. Ultimately, our solution focuses on protecting and enhancing the value that states and governments bring to us all.


Part of our LWB 360 product suite, LWB 360 Council simplifies vote management and recording by supporting meeting exhibits in multiple formats, facilitating paperless meetings, and allowing you to produce standard and customized reports from your desk, at home, or on the go. Its user-centric design put your needs first, so you can focus on doing your work effectively and efficiently without having to worry about the technology behind it.


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