Celebrating 20 years connecting people with the law through technology

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Celebrating 20 years connecting people with the law through technology

This year, Propylon marks its 20th anniversary. We’re celebrating 20 years connecting people with the law through technology. It’s a milestone occasion that reminds us to pause to honor the past, celebrate the present, and embrace the future. 

Propylon celebrates 20 years


During the last two decades, the legislative and legal tech industries have undergone significant change and addressed considerable challenges. Technology has enabled the landscape to evolve dramatically. Since its inception in 1999, Propylon has been at the forefront of innovation and progress in the sector, driving advancement through technology.


Our company name, Propylon, is from the Greek word meaning ‘gateway‘ or ‘entrance,’ which represents the meeting point where technology enables us to connect with our clients, connect the past with the future, and cross over the gateway beyond limitations to provide better solutions that meet the needs of our clients. Historically, the word propylon was used specifically to refer to ‘an outer monumental gateway standing before a main gateway.’ As such, it represents our vision of standing before our clients, striving to offer better solutions that uphold the law and help create a better world. Our connection to our clients drives what we do at Propylon; it gives the work we do, and the innovative software solutions we provide, real value and meaning. 

Infinite possibilities at Propylon


It is that vision that has been instrumental in our growth and success as a company. 20 years of deep domain knowledge working in legislatures and in the legal tech domain has given us the edge over our competitors, providing us with both the experience and expertise we need to create solutions that really meet the needs of our clients. Our success lies in listening to the challenges our clients are facing and working with them to come up with a solution that is successful in addressing those challenges. Innovation has been and continues to be critical to our success. Where out-of-the-box solutions don’t exist, we create them.


We strive to deliver enduring and innovative solutions that meet the needs of our clients by staying committed to our core values of teamwork, customer focus, quality, and innovation. These guiding principles are lived out on a day-to-day basis, forming a part of our core ideology. They inspire the work and motivation of our employees, providing a sense of purpose and fulfilment. Respect is an important principle that underpins our company values, placing the emphasis on the importance of every member of the organization. Together, we each play an important part in growing the company and, ultimately, in our success.

Propylon award winners 2019


Our people have always been our biggest asset. Propylon Founder and Chairman Paul McKeon said: “As a company, we’ve enjoyed remarkable growth thanks to that vision. We always prided ourselves on hiring the best technical talent available. We have developed an agile, talented and confident team of people.”

We are excited for the limitless possibilities that lie ahead. Aptly, the Propylon logo is the infinity symbol, representing the infinite ways we strive to create a better world by creating innovative solutions that make complex legal material easy to manage and accessible to everyone.


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