20 years experience as a legislative leader

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20 years experience as a legislative leader


This year, we’re celebrating Propylon’s 20th anniversary as a leading company in legislative and regulatory software solutions. To mark this milestone, we take a look at the ways in which experience gives us a unique selling position in the legislative and legal tech space.

Experience as Propylon USP


Experience. It’s not your average USP. In a world where older models are regularly replaced by newer versions, experience doesn’t always retain the value it once had. Legal tech moves at a fast pace and we know how important it is to be ahead of the game with innovative solutions to offer the best possible solutions based on what is important to our users. But, it is our experience that gives us the edge over our competitors, providing us with the knowledge we need to create solutions that really meet the needs of our clients.


In the legal domain at least, experience is still something that is valued. In a world where time-honored procedures, processes, and traditions are respected and upheld, our experience is what gives us weight above our competitors. We have 20 years’ experience in managing the document lifecycle for the legislative, legal, and regulatory industries; we know how important it is and we understand what our users need to make a real difference in their work life. For 20 years, we have been committed to giving our users the tools they need to enable a better work-life balance by improving accuracy, increasing efficiency, and enhancing performance without impacting standards, processes or results.


Our technology has evolved from working with clients: the problems they needed solving, the challenges they’ve faced, and the trends we’ve come across. These learnings have all been contributing factors to the innovation we have applied to building our products from the ground up to meet our clients’ needs through the cycle of legislation. As one of the first commercial companies in the world to build our technology stack on Python, our innovation has proved visionary. It is our longstanding experience in this domain that has given birth to a unique blend of innovation. We stand out from our competitors because we take risks creating brand new software to solve challenges that exist for our clients, where there are gaps in the market and a lack of offerings to meet their needs. Where no out-of-the-box solution currently exists, we create them.


Though many things have changed over the last 20 years, one thing that remains constant is our vision of continuously striving to offer our clients better solutions that uphold the law and help create a better world.


Experience – not your average USP. But we’re not average.

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