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Financial Services Case Study

Electronic Feed of Accounting and Regulatory Standards


This project enables our client to create and manage a single international repository of information relating to accounting standards and regulations. The content includes personalized regulatory content, news feeds and multiple media format deliveries. The information is published to multiple channels (i.e Customer specific data formats) in the USA and Europe. The key goal of the product offering is to allow Enterprise customers obtain personalized content feeds of regulatory material that are easily integrated into that customer’s internal systems. Competitive offerings in the market place deliver generic feeds of content or seek customers to take out subscriptions to portal offerings that cannot be integrated with internal data sources. Our solution allows:-

  • Creation of a single XML repository integrating multiple information sources
  • Delivery of personalized content tailored to the needs of specific clients
  • Combination of third party content with internal content to provided knowledge solutions for customers
  • Integration of real-time feeds of legal and regulatory information, direct to customers staff


Content Repository

The solution implemented an XML repository containing fully integrated and cross linked versions of all regulatory pronouncements from the following US legal and regulatory publishers:

  • AICPA — American Institute of Certified Public Accounts
  • FASB — Federal Accounting standards Board published in DITA XML
  • GASB — Government Accounting Standards Board
  • SEC — Securities and Exchange Commission
  • PCAOB — Public Company Accounting Oversight Board
  • FASAB — Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board
  • GAO — Government Accountability Office
  • OMB — Office of Management and Budget
  • SOX — Sarbanes Oxley


Solution Features

  • All content is stored in the repository as XML, which allows for speedy conversion of feeds to customer specific requirements
  • Metadata hierarchies and models support powerful inter document linking
  • Data can be decomposed into discrete yet inter-related information assets that can be re-purposed to whatever format is valuable to end users
  • Multiple output channels supported, including public internet sites, customer intranets, RSS feeds, e-mail, WAP, PDA, iPad, CD-ROM and print
  • Integrated content management — including rights control, version control, target control, and hypertext management