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Technology Overview

Propylon’s legal and regulatory management systems (LRMS) are based on an XML integrated framework of applications that support the legislative and regulatory processes. Having worked exclusively in the legal and regulatory publishing domains Propylon's solutions, developed with open standards and formats, are recognized as the most robust, flexible and user-focused on the market. Propylon's product set addresses the critical business needs of legislative and regulatory organizations.

Propylon's Core Product Set

Propylon's Core Product Set
  • Legislative Workbench: A comprehensive suite of legislative management systems tailored to customer specific needs. The solutions provide tools for managing legislation throughout it's full lifecycle. These tools range from attorney drafter tools to in-chamber recording; journal production; committee management; right through to enrolling of law and codification of statute.
  • Regulatory Content Management: A suite of regulatory applications for the management, collaboration and publication of regulatory information to various formats. This product solves the complex problems around strict version control and auditing requirements of the regulatory domain. RCM provides point in time views of the complete document repository, preserving the links between document versions throughout their full lifecycle.
  • Legal Research & Compliance: Understanding how regulations have changed over time and knowing what regulations were in place at any point in time is critical information for all legal counsel, research and compliance teams. Propylon's technology provides complete timeline control over your data. Rewind your legal and regulatory datastore to any point in time for a complete snapshot view of all content for that point in time, while maintaining the temporal integrity of all links. Traverse the timeline to visually compare the content with current or historic versions. Find out more about how or technology solves today's challenges for Legal Research and Compliance.

Propylon's Legislative and Regulatory Software Products are built upon a common framework: Propylon's Legal and Regulatory Management System (LRMS). Propylon's LRMS is a tried-and-tested framework using open formats and open standards.