Consulting & Professional Services

We are recognized as world leaders in regulatory change management and legislative solutions. In Propylon, we recognize that each client has individual requirements. We work closely with our clients to ensure that individual needs and requirements are met. Our highly educated team have extensive industry, business process and project management experience. Our specialized advisors and experienced project managers ensure successful implementation of our products in a time and cost efficient manner.
As thought leaders in legislative and regulatory data management, we have experts contributing to the development of world standards in data processing and content management. We provide a variety of premium consulting services.

TimeArc GRC

Our dedicated team work closely with our clients to integrate TimeArc into the governance process. We have partnered with leading industry experts, who have extensive experience in advising on the implementation of complex regulations across multiple jurisdictions. Our alliances ensure that clients implement a robust control framework to reduce compliance costs and the risk of non-compliance. Propylon's unique mapping technology seamlessly creates initial links, to ensure an efficient transition to TimeArc. All policies are mapped to regulations and interrelated components to reduce the risk of outdated policies and contradictory practices. We work closely with our clients to ensure that individual needs and requirements are met. Our customer support team promptly respond to queries, issues or customization requirements by clients.

Legislative Solutions

Propylon's Legislative solutions address the critical business needs of legislatures. Legislatures often share many commonalities, but each legislature has their own unique processes and systems. Propylon's software can be tailored to individual customer needs. Our methodology analyze the existing systems and requirements prior to the deployment of any new software, so as to ensure that individual requirements are met. Propylon's solutions use Open Standards and Open Formats to ensure seamless integration with existing systems. Our experienced domain experts and project manager work with our clients to implement our solutions in a time and cost efficient manner.

Content Management &  Other Services


  • Data Processing
  • Change Management
  • IT Consolidation
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Enterprise Architecture and Design
  • Cost/Benefit Analysis for IT Initiatives
  • Public Sector Cloud Computing
  • Project Management
  • Systems Analysis & Design
  • Independent assessment and system review
  • NIEM
  • XML
  • Crown Schema
  • DITA

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