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Propylon has implemented content solutions with Legislatures and Government Agencies worldwide providing business benefits through the smart use of the Propylon product suite . Propylon have built up a considerable understanding of their unique content management challenges, and how the staff, business and citizens who deal with them expect more availability of content on-line in a simple to find fashion. These requirements come at a time when government needs to do more with less across the globe. Propylon's technology solutions can bridge this gap and provide opportunities for increased services to be provided. Propylon have evolved a unique development model that allows us to rapidly analyze, specify, develop and deliver solutions rapidly and cost effectively in any legislative environment.

Propylon LRMS (Legal and Regulatory Management System) has been proven to:

  • Reduce costs by improving workflows and increasing process efficiencies
  • Eradicate or significantly reduce print costs
  • Increase transparency with real-time publishing tools
  • Allow for publication to multiple formats , such as tablets, PCs and smartphones
  • Allow for the provision of new business services
  • Improve speed and accuracy
  • Reduce infrastructure costs

Propylon employ some of the leading technical authorities on legislative technology solutions and contribute to the development of global standards in legal informatics. Contact us today and we can demonstrate, with real-world examples, how our solutions are delivering efficiencies and cost savings in Legislatures and Governments now.

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