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Accounting and Financial

Propylon have been providing regulatory accounting and financial content in various formats from websites to specific XML schemas to customers for over 10 years. Propylon has a niche focus and have built up an expert team in the area of regulatory workflow management and publishing. We focus on solutions that address the unique business challenges of working with regulatory content and have developed solutions for 3 of the big 4 accounting firms. Our solutions include bespoke cross publishing and re-purposing of regulatory content for clients from publishers such as the AICPA, FASB and SEC.

Propylon's solutions are developed using open formats, allowing for seamless integration across multiple publishing frameworks and offer greater flexibility for clients and their data. Propylon is unique among vendors in that we offer co-development of our solutions with clients, allowing clients take full control of a projects source.

See our financial services case study for details of one such publishing solution.