National Assembly for Wales and Welsh Government Successfully implement Propylon’s Legislative Workbench

Propylon recently completed a successful deployment of it’s Legislative Workbench (LWB) for both the National Assembly for Wales and Welsh Government. Propylon worked closely with the Legislation Office in the Assembly and the Office of the Welsh Legislative Counsel in the Welsh Government to customize the LWB for their needs. The Assembly and Government are now using the LWB with a range of customized templates and tool sets to draft and verify all dual language Bills in Wales.

The introduction of the Legislative Workbench will result in greater efficiencies in communication as Bills drafted by the Government will be seamlessly transferred from their systems to the Assembly systems. Through the use of the LWB the bills drafted will be of high quality, reducing the amount of proofing and re-keying that was required in the previous system.

Download the press release.

P. G. Williams Legislation Office, Welsh Government

“The Legislative Workbench provides a robust and intuitive system for managing the legislative process in the National Assembly. It will streamline working practices, save considerable staff time and ensure the efficient production of high quality, bilingual legislation."


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Propylon’s Legislative Software Systems are an integrated suite of business applications that support the running of legislatures. Propylon have developed in-depth domain knowledge of the unique challenges of legislative document authoring, workflow and publishing having worked intensely with legislatures since the 1990’s. Propylon’s legislative solutions benefit from this experience and are considered the most flexible, robust and user-focused systems on the market.

Propylon’s Legislative solutions address the critical business needs of legislatures. Propylon’s software can be tailored to individual customer needs. Our solutions ensure clients achieve high performance and maximize the use of their information and resources across all departments. Propylon’s legislative offerings are categorized into two offerings:

  • Legislative Workbench: A comprehensive suite of legislative management systems tailored to customer specific needs. The solutions provide tools for managing legislation throughout it’s full lifecycle. These tools range from attorney drafter tools to in-chamber recording; journal production; committee management; right through to enrolling of law and codification of statute.
  • Legal & Regulatory Hosted Solution: Propylon’s Platform as Service offering delivers a managed and hosted service for clients requiring a minimum amount of customization.

Propylon’s systems are built upon a common framework: Propylon’s Legal and Regulatory Management System (LRMS). Propylon’s LRMS is a tried-and-tested framework using open formats and open standards.



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