Propylon to deliver a transformational legislative project for the state of Indiana

Propylon will work with the Indiana Legislative Services Agency to implement a complete Legislative Enterprise Architecture. The solution, built on our LWB product, will deliver a wide range of new and improved services for the Indiana Legislature:

  • Real time legislative information publishing to all platforms and devices, from desktop to smart phone
  • Complete IT architecture to manage the digital workflow of the legislative process
  • A flexible architecture providing real time legislative data for members and public, while maintaining existing procedural rules and the privilege of the Legislature
  • Custom interfaces for members giving them the specific legislative information they need to enable them to carry out their legislative responsibilities
  • Reduce the reliance on paper in the legislative process
  • A single consistent view of all legislative data across organizational boundaries

For further information on the Indiana project and our products and services please contact
Beth Rice on (785) 856 2675





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