About Propylon

What we do

Propylon's software is used by financial firms, legislatures, governments, legal teams and compliance teams worldwide for the creation, management, publishing, archival and research of content. Our products intelligently manage content using unique point-in-time technology, preserving a fully accessible audit trail with reports that demonstrate changes over time.

Legal and Compliance

At Propylon, we understand the challenges faced by financial institutions and compliance professionals in maintaining compliance with constantly changing regulations. By linking internal compliance programs to external regulations, our Governance, Risk & Compliance solutions support organizations in implementing a systematic approach to managing regulatory change and demonstrating compliance. We support organizations in implementing efficient and robust governance processes to reduce compliance costs and the risk of non-compliance. TimeArc provides compliance executives with complete oversight of internal compliance programs and their relationship with constantly changing regulations. Unique award winning technology enables compliance professionals to instantly navigate to regulations and linked internal compliance programs as in effect at any point in time to demonstrate compliance. TimeArc reports demonstrate how internal compliance programs were implemented, supporting compliance professionals to respond to increased demand to demonstrate compliance to regulators, auditors and the board. TimeArc reduces the risk of non-compliance to protect the organization.  

Legislative Software

Propylon’s provides Legislative Software Systems and business applications to support the running of legislatures. With a large pool of expert consultants and analysts, and a world class software development team dedicated to the legislative and regulatory domains, Propylon has considerably broader and deeper expertise than any other vendor in the market. We pride ourselves on having some of the leading domain technical authorities in our team, who contribute to the development of global standards relevant to legislative data processing. Legislatures often share many commonalities, but each legislature has their own unique processes and systems. Through our many years of experience, Propylon has developed and grown analysis procedures around these concepts. Our focus on developing robust solutions that meet the requirements of end users has established our solutions as the most flexible, robust and user-friendly systems on the market.

Our Approach

At Propylon we invest in, and build, innovative software products and use a development methodology that focuses on the needs of our clients. Our world-class team of software architects, developers, business analysts and consultants have a deep understanding of the  problems our clients experience. We focus on specific sectors to ensure our products provide the most value to our customers. We have built delivery methodologies that are specific to the domains we work in. Our implementation teams understand that the primary role of technology is to serve the business needs of your organization. Our solutions are capable of being integrated with other systems of the organization to ensure integrated processes and frameworks.



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