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About Propylon

Propylon provides content intelligence solutions for legal, compliance, legislative and regulatory data management. We deliver solutions and services to organizations responsible for the creation, management, publishing and research of legal, compliance, legislative and regulatory material worldwide. We provide tools to efficiently create, manage and navigate your content, saving you time and money. Our content intelligence platform manages your organizations data assets, providing information research tools directly to your business users who need it most.

What we do

Propylon creates content intelligence products and solutions for government, legal teams and compliance departments to meet their complex requirements for data management. Our world-class team of software architects, developers, industry leading business analysts and consultants have deep understanding of the business problems our users face and the experience to create new business service opportunities for our clients. We are uniquely positioned as a software supplier, systems integrator and 3rd party services provider.

Together with our customers and industry partners, we drive game changing innovation in the legislative and regulatory industries including the adoption of the Legislative Enterprise Architecture (LEA) For Legal and compliance teams we produce solutions that manage their content intelligently providing easy to use time based research of content and provenance of records to ensure compliance with legal standards and regulations. Our solutions drive down the cost of doing business while providing new services to the business users of your organization.

Our Approach

At Propylon we invest in, and build, innovative software products and methodologies that serve the particular needs of our clients. We focus on specific sectors to ensure our products provide the most value to our customers. We have built delivery methodologies that are specific to the domains we work in and provide developer-level training for our clients where they want to be part of the implementation team. Our teams focus on treating your data and information as assets of the organization and build solutions that give you the most value from those assets. Our implementation teams understand that the investment in technology solutions is to serve the business of your organization. Our solutions enable the data assets of the information to be integrated with other systems of the organization easily ensuring the investment in Propylon products can be further built on by your team in the future.